23.04.2022 19:02
Xaphan - Reduced respawn time from 6 hours to 3 hours
Wurang - New vendor added to Sunwell, you can upgrade your T8 tier set from him
Patch Updated, required to see the prices and other changes
15.04.2022 20:09
BG Rewards highly increased
World Boss Illidan Stormrage decreased damage done by 15%
Rare Boss Xaphan added instant kill token with 10% drop chance and slightly increased drop chances for ring
Sunwell Plateau bosses decreased damage done by 10%
New event for Easter - In preparation
12.04.2022 19:51
Sunwell Plateau twins - Decreased damage done with all spells by 10%
Haste socket from onyxia - Increased from 5 to 6 (Requires patch update, so you can see it correctly, but after restart the change will be working already)
Black Temple - Added same kind of event like in T0-T6 (You gonna have increased health/damage/haste in BT as well like it is in instances before)
small pve balance
08.04.2022 22:46
Paladin overall damage increased by 5%.
Hunter overall damage increased by 5%.
Feral overall damage increased by 5%.
Enha overall damage increased by 5%.
Warlock overall damage increased by 5%.
08.04.2022 22:34
T8 Sunwell Plateau - Opened
07.04.2022 23:06
New upgradeable tabards has been added to GM team npcs in the shop, each rank cost the rank before + 10 nostalgic wow mark for each rank up (patch will be released tomorrow with additional news)
07.04.2022 18:08
After completing last quest for legendary cloak, you will be able to complete 1 new quest which grants next legendary token (repeatable)
01.04.2022 18:30
Nostalgic Reputation gain increased by 40% in every instance
Reputation gain in solo content increased by 30% and can be done to the same rank such as in Karazhan
Nightbane + Netherspite in Karazhan, nerfed damage by 30%
Shade of Akama, stacking damage taken debuff increased (that means it will be now easier to kill her)
Money drop chance increased from 60% to 75% and the amount as well from 1-2 to 1-3 (the same with the ores)
Powder drop amount increased by 30%
Event Prizes rewards increased, so its even more worth to join the Events
Avenotis + Illidan Stormrage (World Bosses) - Their companions which they spawn, decreased HP by 50%, should be now more realistic to kill with few people
After killing an enemy in Battlleground you now get 3 enemy souls instead of 1
Reduced the minimum amount of people which have to que for a Battleground so it starts from 6 people to 4 people
19.03.2022 14:46
T7 Gruul´s Lair >>> Released
16.03.2022 14:42
TRADE GODS can now be sold for golds at any vendor.
DUSTS = 0,5g
ORES = 2g
BARS = 4g
CLOTHS = 0,5g

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