13.08.2023 13:25
- SWP bosses heads are now dropping for everyone, but the rewards for them got reduced
- Xaphan restored to better working events
11.08.2023 16:46
- All resistances of all World Bosses have been decreased by around 20-30%
- Slightly increased drop amounts for both Proffesion boxes which can be bought from Sirrush
- Mark of the Illidari, increased mincount from 1 to 2 and maxcount from 3 to 4, should be much easier to farm them now and shouldn't take ages to farm them up
- Fixed an issue causing Amadeus the Blind to have 2 hours respawn time instead of 1 hour
- Daily Hyjal quests (Class Master Trinket Zone), added small portion of the mats needed for Class Master Trinket as rewards
- Boosted overall damage of all caster/ranged classes by 6%
08.08.2023 18:03
- Fixed an tooltip issue causing Legendary treasure to still show a 3% drop chance even when it was boosted longtime ago to 18%
- Fixed an tooltip issue causing Nostalgic Box to still show a 2% drop chance even when it was boosted longtime ago to 16%
- Fixed an tooltip issue causing Razorgore's Backpack to still show a 3% drop chance even when it was boosted longtime ago to 21%
- Increased Sack of Gems rewards from World Bosses dailies up to double
- Increased Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch rewards
- Slightly boosted fishing drops and loot drops from Fisherman's Treasure, both loot boards updated as well
- Slightly boosted Nick's daily quests rewards
- Slightly boosted drops in Solo Content Zone + added gem drops
- Frame of Atiesh, increased drop chance from 75% to 100%
- Increased arena rep gain from 250win/125 loss to 430win/215loss
- Essence of Anger doesnt give instanceID anymore
- Mr. Gemos has been added to Shop Location, you can buy JWC gems for golds from him
07.08.2023 16:36
- Reduced resilience on Forbidden Power trinkets by around 20-25%
07.08.2023 16:14
- Reduced resilience rating on Corrupted backpacks from 40 to 30 (requires patch update)
- Zul'Farrak pages are now stackable and unique (4)
- Slightly adjusted the difficulty of Onyxia's Lair, it should be easier to kill now (both elites and boss)
- Slightly adjusted drops from Onyxia and Gold Deposit, you should be able to farm them faster than before
- You can now drop gems from all mobs in Onyxia's Lair
- Increased the amount of how many pages you can drop from each boss in Zul'Farrak from 1 to 2, that means everytime you kill a Zul'Farrak boss, you will drop the same page twice
World Bosses
- Adjusted world bosses drops, so they are worth to kill even at latest phases
04.08.2023 11:57
Additions to the Black Temple changes, all bosses abilities from Zul Farrak which were dealing damage based on your max HP has been reduced by 15%
04.08.2023 11:44
New way how to obtain Brutal Belts, check Murgllglgl in Black Temple for more information (Requires updated patch which was updated few minutes ago)
04.08.2023 11:34
Black Temple
Shade of Akama - Will now take slightly more damage, should be easier to kill
Shade of Akama - Ashtongue Channeler - Decreased HP from 15m to 12m
Najentus - Slightly decreased damage from all sources
Supremus - Molten Flame got reduced its damage by 10%
Council - Reduced damage from aoe effects by 5% and fixed an issue causing judgement to one shot the target
Illidan Stormrage - Reduced damage of fireball and flame crash by 5%
03.08.2023 01:02
New npc has been added to Shop location called Dealer the Exchanger, enjoy.
02.08.2023 15:19
Elixir of Brute Force - Decreased stamina from 15% to 10%
Destructive Primal Diamond - Decreased healing done from 9% to 7%
Strength of Earth Totem - Decreased Strength and Agility from 10% to 8% as all other similar abilities
Healing Way - Now increases the healing done of your Healing Wave by 5% instead of 6% per stack
Seal of Justice - Updated to match with the server changes, it now has a chance to slow an enemy for 10 seconds by 25% instead of having a chance to stun an enemy for 2 seconds (Also updated visual effect of it) [Required updated patch]
Taunt + Growl [QoL] - Changed range from melee range to 10 yards range (Requires updated patch)
Shattering Throw - Fixed an issue causing Shattering Throw sometimes not apply silence effect
Added new Visual auras to places where can Whispering Treasures be spawned, it should be now significantly easier to track them
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