BIG UPDATE (prepare) 3/3
21.01.2022 16:30
We have added 1% chance on spawning a Golden Pig from all trash mobs on kill in all instances. It drops some useful things.
Names of all ingame items have been updated (example: "(T0)"-"(T10)").
We have updated health points of some instance bosses.
All shirts have no longer buff effect.
We have added two new tiers of battleground weapons into pvp vendor General Tiras'alan in Neutral Shop.
Deadmines (speedfarm) has been removed and Broken Heart is further impossible to get.
Creatures in solo content zone gives "Nostalgic Gigafun" on kill.
Each custom mount now has 110% speed up to two, from the casino and from the points played, they have 111%.
We add Battleground rewards after win or lose. They contains some Sack of Gems, Reforged Coins and Enemy Souls.
We update arena custom rewards. For more info you can check the board in PvP section in Neutral Shop.
All characters has been wiped.
All account received 50% of the donates sent from Season 1.
Server content is set to Phase 1 according to FB / DS attachment.
Correction of all PVE dmg for each class and specs has been made.
BIG UPDATE (prepare) 2/3
08.01.2022 23:11
Gold economy has been reduced (drop of gold from npc and quests has been reduced).
Balance of individual classes and specs has been made.
You can have only one Endless Band equiped now.
You can have only one Class master trinket equiped now.
Creature damage and HP has been reduced by 50% in solo content. Also we spawn them more and spawn some special chests with solo content reagents.
BIG UPDATE (prepare) 1/3
05.01.2022 10:57
ALL DAMAGE DONE by each class has been decreased.
ALL CRITICAL RATING recalculation has been decrased.
ALL DODGE RATING recalculation has been decrased.
ALL DAMAGE DONE (physical+spell) by each creatures has been increased.
ALL INSTANCE HELPERS has been despwaned.

All values are still testing so they are not listed.
13.10.2021 08:33
Hyjal Summit -> maximum players per instance has been increased to 15.
Shop -> Free Elune vendor has been despawned.
11.10.2021 13:22
Sunwell Plataeu -> maximum players per instance has been increased to 15.
Hyjal Summit -> increased drop chance of Corrupted Crystal from 25% to 35%.

Global -> all creatures now have decreased hp by 10%.
Global -> all elites or bosses now have decrased spell damage.
29.08.2021 13:14
Damage of each class increased by 3%.
Healing of each class increased by 4%.
After next restart, BT/SWP bosses decreased HP by around 5-15%.
18.08.2021 15:37
Nostalgic reputation gain - Increased by double
Reforged token 1-6 - Decreased requirements needed
Professions gain - Increased by double
Honor gain - Increased by double
Legendary Treasure - Increased drop rates and amounts
Sunwell Plateau - Now you can enter with 10 people instead of 5
Hyjal Summit - Now you can enter with 10 people instead of 5
SWP Weapon drop rates increased by double
SPAWNED FREE ELUNE TO SHOP!! (Limited time offer)
09.08.2021 12:02
Shaman hotfix - chain lightning proc (from flametongue weapon) now correctly scales with targets.
09.08.2021 11:39
Thunder Clap - Added extra 8% attack power scale
Whirlwind - Added extra 15% attack power scale
08.08.2021 20:05
Indormi (in hyjal summit) - Added new upgradeable backpacks
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